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Evga's Finalized X58 Board Pictured
Once again, pictures of the finalized version of Evga's X58-based motherboard offering have made their way onto the XtremeSystems forums.  This time, we get to see the board's packaging as well.
As you can see, the board has changed slightly from the previously posted prototype photos, namely the PWM cooler.  Unfortunately, while it is a bit smaller than the first version, it still looks like it could interfere with the installation of today's massive high-end CPU heatsinks.
Evga representative jAkUp also posted a couple of BIOS screens, one of which showing that there is an Extreme Cooling Mode option.  This could be similar to the cold-boot solution seen in Foxconn's BlackOps motherboard.  Also seen in the BIOS pics is the ability to adjust the PWM frequency.
This board will be available on the November 17th official Core i7 release date with an MSRP of $299.  Evga's signature FTW version of the board, this time dubbed the X58 Ultimate FTW Edition, is expected to come out some time next month.
Well it seems Evga's first Intel-based offering has shaped up into a great looking board.  While I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how it performs, I want to see what Evga does with the Ultimate FTW Edition even more.
What do you think of Evga's initial X58 offering?
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