EVGA Opens Haiti Relief Fund Page: 1

Last week, a tragedy occurred.  The island nation of Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake, reaching a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale.  With the epicenter just outside of the capital city, the damage has been incredibly severe.  Already there have been 70,000 bodies discovered, and the total death toll is expected to reach 200,000. 

To help support survivors of this tragic incident, EVGA have opened the Haiti Relief Fund.  With this, EVGA asks the community to donate to the cause through the Red Cross' website and has promised to match the total donation amount up to $5,000.

EVGA has created a forum badge in order to spread the word.  We ask that forum members add this forum badge to their signatures to help support the cause.






For more info on how to donate, head over to the EVGA Haiti Relief Fund page here.

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