EVGA Halloween Launch event (but it's not Fermi) Page: 1
EVGA and NVIDIA - Halloween Launch Event
EVGA and NVIDIA would like to invite you to a new graphics card launch at the NVIDIA campus in Santa Clara, CA. No it’s not based on the new Fermi architecture… we are still finalizing those details, so stay tuned. It’s a rocking new graphics card designed by NVIDIA and EVGA to take PhysX to the next level.
Source: EVGA
"Being as there doesn't seem to be much stock to talk about anywhere (280/285/275), a few cards here and there on some retail sites - information gathered from a few places is indicating this to be something to the effect of a 275+250, possibly on a single pcb.
What a strange event.-Rastalovich
What a strange event indeed. Another forum member going by the name of Bigsharn followed up on the post confirming that this card will indeed be based on NVIDIA's ageing GTX275 and a GTS250 architectures.
Could this be another sign that NVIDIA are delayed even further with their new GT300 'Fermi' cards? This is all a bit confusing really, with rumours even suggesting that Batman is somehow involved with the new card! I guess we'll have to wait till Halloween to find out what this is really about
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**Credit goes to Rastalovich for originally posting this.**