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EVGA GTX285 Classified
EVGA GTX 285 ClassifiedEVGA are launching the first quad SLI capable GTX285 today. It is designed for the ultimate enthusiast, to be paired with the latest motherboard - the Classified 4X SLI. The monster of a card  features an 8 Phase PWM and Low ESR/ESL Film Capacitors to provide clean and efficent power to the GPU and memory. To help deliver this power, the card also features a third 6 pin power connector, to provide up to 640W, per card!
Underneath the rather stunning shroud, the heatsinks are all individual, for easier installation of third party coolers. There is also an X-Cool switch for extreme overclocking, I assume it makes the fan spin faster to keep the temperatures in check. Now for the very unique features, support for EVGA's new EVBot, a handheld device for on the fly overclocking of EVGA devices, motherboard or GPU. There is also a feature on this card that has been on many high end motherboards - voltage read points. This allows the user to check voltages whilst overclocking. Finally - it is the first single GPU card in to support quad SLI, only on the classified though.
EVGA GTX 285 Classified Power Connectors EVGA GTX 285 Classified Voltage Read Points
The card surprisingly doesn't come overclocked, at speeds of 648, 2484 and 1476MHz on the core, memory and shaders respectively. I suppose EVGA are leaving the overclocking fun down to the customers, although I assume the GPUs will be hand picked to ensure a good overclock. The usual applies, 1GB of DDR3 memory, DirectX 10 support, CUDA and PhysX and dual DVI outputs.
The card is available for pre order now for $379.99, or around £300 once it hits shelves in the UK.
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