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Author: MikeEnIke
Source: Enermax

Official Press Release
Official Press Release

, known for their high quality power supplies, has released their high wattage and performance INFINITI Series power supplies. The INFINITI PSUs come in both 720 and 650 watt variations in order to supply your computer with a healthy dose of voltage that is always needed for stability.

These power supplies are modular, so they are a great addition to any rig in need of cable management. They also feature the cool guard system which runs the PSU and system fans after shut down to disperse heat present in the system, helping to prolong life of your components. The included 135mm fan, keeps the PSU at cool temps, as well as dispersing the heat while the PC is functioning.

For rock hard stability, the INFINITI Series both have 3 12V rails, to keep your voltages from fluctuating. It also boasts support for Dual CPU, Quad Core, Triple Graphics, and 16 drive support. They even show off an 82%-85% efficiency rating, which will save you money on the electric bill in the long run.

NOTE: Look for a review done by OC3D on this power supply some time next week, so you can see the performance in chart form.

Infinity Box Infinity Series Modular
Inner Workings

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