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DirectX 11 to be announced this Month
Microsoft have said to start talking about DirectX 11 in less than two weeks. Sources have confirmed that at the Microsoft game technology conference, previously known as Meltdown and more recently called Gamefest 2008, will be the place where Microsoft officially plans to unveil DirectX 11.
The gaming conference takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of July in the city of Seattle and it will set you back $550 if you register online. More details can be found here.
The big new feature of DX11 is Tessellation/Displacement we also heard that Multithreaded Rendering and Compute Shaders will be a big part of it too. DX11 will also bring gamers Pixel Shader 5.0 but details are sketchy.
Looks as if DX11 will stick with rasterization as there is yet to be any mention of Ray tracing support. Nvidia will also talk about DirectX 11 at its Nvision event / conference in late August 2008.
Is it too soon? DX10 has yet to take off and they are bring out DX11. Tell us what you think on our Forums.