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DFI announced the most cost-efficient AMD enthusiast platform - The LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS.
At the very beginning of 2008, DFI has launched the most excellent C/P ratio, but highest performance AMD quad-core platform, the LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS.

The DK 790FX entirely supports AMD's latest Quad-core processor, the Phenom (FX) series. The AMD’s 790FX, which is a tailor-made gear for enthusiast and aimed at providing the cutting edge performance with the latest Hyper Transport 3.0 for accelerating the CPU bandwidth; LP DK 790FX-M2RS features the highest performance chipset 790FX and SB600 as the Northbridge and Southbridge. Further, DFI brings you an ultra-performance OC platform with the utmost features such like Digital PWM, Bernstein Audio module and advance heat pipe + Transpiper.

While AMD is about to launched their highest-end quad core CPU, the Phenom series, LANParty DK 790FX-M2RS is the perfect optimized platform for the series.

* AMD AM2 socket supports Phenom FX, the quad core CPU.
* AMD 790FX + SB600 chipset
* Supports DDR 2 800 memory (Phenom CPU can reach DDRII1066)
* Supports 3-way crossfire technology
* Provides 4-phase digital PWM
* Supports 8ch High-definition audio
* Provides EZ Switch and CMOS Reloaded
* 10 x USB ports, 4 x SATA II ports
Power up the Phenom FX CPU:
Phenom FX series Processor is the product that AMD spent resources and time to design and develop. The processor based on 65nm processing technology, which has a better reliability, lower power consumption and outstanding performance, truly a best choice for hard-core power users.

AMD 790FX + SB600:
After the merged of ATI, 790FX is an “enthusiast-oriented” high-end chipset of AMD. In addition to the excellent OC performance of 790FX, it also provides hard-core gamers the ultra-realistic gaming experience with the latest CrossFireX technology. Aside from this, it is noteworthy that the power consumption of 790FX is relatively lower than others in the market.
Another quality looking offering from the people at DFI...
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