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DFI’s LANParty UT X48-T3R is now just around the corner!
Popular enthusiast motherboard manufacturer DFI have announced that the LANParty UT X48-T3R isn't far away.  DFI has issued a Press Release regarding the LANParty UT X48-T3R and what to expect from the new board.
Although the Chinese New Year festival was important to DFI’s headquarters, the R&D team of DFI hasn’t slowed down at all, in order to launch the new product of X48 motherboard well ahead of the preset schedule. DFI’s LANParty UT X48-T3R is now just around the corner, ready to greet our enthusiasts throughout the world. This motherboard, based on Intel LGA775 socket CPU, will fully support the latest Intel 45nm process Quad-core CPU. Our LANParty UT X48-T3R features the highest end of Intel X48 + ICH10R chipset. It provides enthusiasts with a powerful measure that supports the latest CrossFire technology and the fastest FSB1600MHz, DDR3 1333 memory.
Full Press Release here
The DFI LANParty UT X48-T3R also incorporates dual PCI-E Gen2 x16 or three PCI-E Gen2 x8 connectivity for the latest 2 or 3-way ATI CrossFireXTM, CMOS Reloaded Technology, Genie BIOS, EZ Switch. The board also uses digital PWM as well as 100% Japanese-made solid capacitors which is becoming the norm for motherboards these days.
One other feature of the LANParty UT X48-T3R is the incomporation of a powerful heat pipe cooler, called "heat freezer".  The "heat freezer" is an innovation that has come out of cooperation with The ThermalRight Company.
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