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Wireless charging
Dell Lattitude Z, charges wirelesslyIt wasn't long ago that the first pictures of the Latitude Z popped up on the internet, all we knew then was it had a 16" screen, an Intel processor of some sort and a sleek grey finish to it. Well, today, more information has emerged about the executive notebook.
According to a report, the machine will "most likely" feature "advanced wireless capabilities, perhaps even wireless charging". This is very promising and will bring great progress in the market of notebooks and netbooks. We are curious to learn how this technology works and if charging times or battery life are affected at all.
Stephen Schuckenbrock, the President of Dell's large enterprises division said that "Design is important, and we recognise that, and that even more important than design is functionality, and this is a good packaging of the two” in response to a plea for information about the Latitude Z. This further backs up the fact that it will feature the wireless charging technology.
The only other information we have at the moment is that it will be displayed publically within the coming weeks and it will be priced at "a great deal more" than £700.
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