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A new search engine dubbed Cuil is hoping to offer a rival to the likes of Google, Yahoo and Ask. Cuil is pronounced 'cool' and comes from an old Irish word meaning 'knowledge'. Cuil, which has been developed and run by the husband-and-wife team of Stanford professor Tom Costello and former Google search architect Anna Patterson, uses a different ranking system.
The site has indexed 120 billion web pages, which it claims is three times more than any other search engine, and results are organised by ideas rather than just rankings.

The new search engine will attempt to analyse the context of each page and the concepts behind each query, thereby grouping similar results together and sorting them by category.

These groups are divided by tabs which aim to clarify subjects, offer images to identify topics and search refining suggestions.
According to Tom Costello, chief executive and co-founder of Cuil. "Cuil presents searchers with content-based results, not just popular ones, providing different and more insightful answers that illustrate the vastness and the variety of the web."
Cuil also boasts complete user privacy, something which Google has been taken to task over in the past. The layout is significantly cleaner and something that I prefer in contrast to Goole's results page.
According to the developers, the Cuil servers have been running hot since its inception and have buckled under the strain. If you get an error when trying to search, please be mindful that they are currently adding capacity to rectify the situation.
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