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Crysis mod which improves particle effects
We all know how demanding the PC game Crysis is, most people can hardly play it on medium settings let alone high, despite this fact modders around the net find new ways to improve the visual quality. A modder named Havok Sage has been hard at work on a project to improve the particle effects of Crysis.
When the mod is installed users will notice a heightened amount of splinters when destroying a tree. Or a more realistic spreading of fire when there is an expolsion near a building, fires are not quite dynamic yet. There will also be longer lasting smoke effects, increased amount of dirt and stones kicked up from explosion and finally more blood splats.
We have also heard from sources that Crytek are looking through a lot of the modding community and are planning to hire some of the most skilled of the modders. So keep up the quality of mods.
Read more and check out screenshots of the particle mod here.
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