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Corsair C70 Review  


Corsair is expanding its case range yet again with the first of its chassis in the new Vengeance case line up, with a design heavily based on a military theme its right up many gamers streets but lets give it the OC3D once over to see if the Corsair quality has pulled through the basic military design process.


Corsair C70 Review

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It can be quite difficult for a reviewer not to let personal preferences get in the way of being impartial, sometimes we absolutely hate certain things but just because we don't personally like something doesn't make it a bad product. Its almost like some products or designs being Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

We very much feel the Vengeance C70 is very much a Marmite product, you'll either love it and absolutely can not live without it or you'll hate it and wouldn't want it in your street let alone your house! We feel that the C70 has been very much designed with gun gamers at heart and because of this we would be willing to bet that the Military Green case will sell hand over fist more units than the black or the white because the actually design just lends itself so well to the military theme.

There is ample cooling out of the box but with many options for you to upgrade and expand as well, water cooling support is there but as every comes with some pretty specific points you will have to be careful with when making your purchases. Firstly and most importantly is 40mm maximum thickness radiator for the roof with a set of fans in either push OR pull will fit inside. This does mean it will easily fit a H100 and a single set of fans also but in almost every instance there will be no room for push pull without running into complications with your motherboard. You can also get a 240mm radiator in the floor but only if your PSU is no longer than 160mm (AX650, 750 & 850) but even then because of the stupid PSU grommet location you will have a complete nightmare getting the rad fitted (get a mate round to help with this if you can it will be so much easier). There is also the ability to fit a 240mm radiator in the front but its very much hit and miss whether or not your rad will actually fit and short of testing every rad on the planet its had to say what will and wont. Just be ready to take your dremel to the bottom of the optical bays should you run into any problems!

The side panel window is of a nice size but personally we cant help but think the fan grills spoil the look massively, again a personal thing but in a recent poll on OC3D pretty much everyone agreed either window OR mesh never both. If it drives you that crazy its happily an easy fix if you want to replace the window with a plain sheet of acrylic and shouldn't take any more than about 45minutes to complete even with dremeling off the mounting tabs.

The long and short of it is apart from the over sight that is the PSU grommet location we can find anything actually wrong with the case, sure its not one that we would instantly pic for ourselves but we can see a huge number of you that quite simple must have one. At £110 its not a budget case but it comes with the normal Corsair build quality and a pretty hefty spec list when you really think about it (2x 240mm rads for one) so while we might not be be massive fans of the design at the same time we have nothing really bad to say about it either. So because of this we have decided to give it the OC3D gold award and expect to see many many of these at upcoming LAN events and gracing project logs on our forums.


We would like to thank Corsair for the C70 on test here today, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D forums.