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Corsair HX650 PSU
Corsair HX650 Power SupplyCorsair are without a doubt one of the best power supply manufacturers, amongst other things. Their latest power supply is part of the multi award winning Professional Series range. The 650 watt unit features the same "low-profile modular cable set, minimal noise levels, ultra-high efficiency, and the highest component quality and performance on the market." according to Corsair themselves.
Some may think this unit doesn't make sense with the HX620w being so close to it in terms of wattage, although this unit is far superior with a single 12v rail (vs the 3 separate 18w rails on the HX620) and more connectors, such as a 20/24pin ATX cable, a single 8pin EPS cable, four PCI express 6+2 power cable, nine SATA power connectors, eight 4pin molex connectors and finally, two floppy power connectors. Still, it still shows the possibility of the HX620 and maybe the HX520 being phased out in the near future.
Lets just hope this unit continues to carry the reputation the latest HX units have built up, which it should with it's 80 PLUS Bronze rating and 7 year warranty. Discuss in our Forums.