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Corsair H80 and H100 CPU Coolers Released

Corsair have just announced that from today the brand new H80 and H100 self-contained liquid CPU coolers are available from Corsair authorized retailers worldwide!

As with the previous products they offer an affordable, easy to install and maintenance free alternative to custom watercooling. These new models offer a redesigned low profile cooling unit with micro channel copper cold plate and split-flow manifold for superior cooling.

The H80 offers the familiar single 120mm radiator design while the H100 offers superior performance from a dual 120mm radiator design which is a first for Corsairs range of Hydro CPU coolers. This opens up the ability to support up to four 120mm fans installed in a push-pull configuration.

Both models feature a Corsair Link digital connector, allowing them to take full advantage of Corsair’s new Link system for monitoring and control. One of the key benefits with this system is the digital fan control offering superior flexibility compared to the previous versions. With quiet, balanced and performance cooling profiles allows you to control the noise level and the performance to your needs, from web, gaming and extreme overclocking.

UK Pricing is around £79.99 for the H80 and £89.99 for the H100 available for preorder now from SpecialTech. Although please note prices do vary.

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