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Corsair Bursts Into Case Scene

Hexus have done it again with their for getting exclusive previews of products out of Corsair.  Reporting from the CeBit tradeshow, Hexus gets a closeup view of a new product line out of the memory manufacturer.  This time it looks like Corsair is entering yet another market with a solid looking full tower case.

Those of us who have more elegant taste will be pleased to see that Corsair have chosen to go the way of a simple, sleek design that hearkens to the likes of Lian-Li and Silverstone.  Materials consist of an aluminum front panel combined with a steel skeleton, with all sections painted, anodized, or powerdercoated black, including the internals. 

The case is described as to be watercooling oriented, and thus comes with pre-cut grills and fan mounts for a triple 120mm radiator to be mounted on the roof.  Other rather handy features include hotswap-capable drive bays and a nice cable management system consisting of rubber-lined holes in the motherboard tray.

All of these features don't come without a price though.  Corsair's representative at CeBit said we may see this case on the market this or next month with a retail price of $250-300, though nothing is set in stone yet.  The case on display is also simply an early sample, and that we should expect to see 20-30 small and large changes.

Check out more pictures here, as well as Hexus' close-up video here.

Will Corsair's high-end case be able to stand its own against the likes of the popular Lian-Li and Silverstone offerings?

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