Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra On The Way Page: 1

Released a bit under four years ago, Coollaboratory's innovative liquid-metal based Liquid Pro, heralded unprecedented cooling performance seen out of a thermal interface material (TIM).  However, it did not come without its drawbacks.

Due to its liquid nature, the consistency of the TIM made it a pain to apply to the processor.  Our reviewer mentioned it took him a whole 20 minutes to get a decent application.  In addition to this, once the compound was heated and then cooled by the processor, it would solidify to an extent, making heatsink removal incredibly difficult.  It also had the unfortunate propensity of eating through aluminum heatsinks due to the use of gallium in the mixture.

Now it seems that Coollaboratory has set out to remove these problems.  PCGamesHardware has received word that Coollaboratory is getting to release an updated version, Liquid Ultra.  Liquid Ultra has less fluid content than its Pro predecessor, making it easier to manipulate and spread.  Coollaboratory has seen fit to include a brush with the package this time to help users get a nice, even coat.  The compound also does not harden upon cooling, so heatsink removal should not be nearly as much a problem as with Liquid Pro.

These changes have been made with apparently no hit to performance.  Technic3D have already gotten their hands on the compound and have provided a performance preview.  Their tests show that Liquid Ultra maintains the performance levels seen with the Coollaboratory Liquid Pad that was released after Pro to answer the application problems.

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra is expected to come to market sometime this month at a price of €8.90.