CoolIT Systems Introduce The WS240 Page: 1
'Custom' watercooling system
CoolIT Systems WS240 watercooling kitCanadian based watercooling kit manufacturer CoolIT have introduced the WS 240 which, as the name suggests utilises a 240mm radiator for ultimate cooling performance. The kit is designed to be used with the Nehalem platform, and featuring two CPU blocks, is intended for dual CPU setups in the enterprise sector of the market. The self contained kit consists of a pump, 240mm radiator, two CPU blocks and two 120mm fans which run at a minimum of 21dBA.
It includes mounting hardware for socket 775, 1156 and 1366, ensuring maximum compatibility and also maximum performance gains, reduced system noise, improved reliability, and enhanced longevity of all system components. They tell us that users have the option to switch between three operation modes with the simple push of a button satisfying the need for quiet or the desire for overclocking performance.
CoolIT CEO, Geoff Lyon says that "One of the premier advantages of Nehalem is Turbo Boost Technology that takes advantage of the processor’s power based on thermal headroom. With our cooler, the margin is maximised so the clocks are as fast as possible."
It is also possible to contact CoolIT via their website for custom tubing lengths, which is a nice feature, but not quite as customisable as we hoped.
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