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CoolIT Systems OMNI
CoolIT OMNI 5870 Cooling SystemCoolIT Systems have become popular with their all in one liquid cooled solutions for processors and more recently, graphics cards. Their latest product is designed to maximise the performance capability of the latest AMD GPU technology - the Radeon HD 5870. Unlike their previous solutions, the OMNI features a universal liquid plate that allows customers to use the cooling system on not just current graphics cards, but future cards too.
CEO of CoolIT Systems, Geoff Lyon, told us that “Since starting our work with AMD several years ago, one of the challenges has been the fast succession of technology advances. By working hard to develop a solution that can keep up to the pace of technology advancement as well as providing the end user the flexibility to upgrade their cards while keeping the cooling system intact, we feel that this is a winning combination. The solution showcases an ultra reliable, brazed heat exchanger to ensure that it will provide excellent performance for years to come."
The benefits of liquid cooling the graphics card include lowering noise levels whilst also achieving lower core temperatures, meaning increased reliability and additional overclocking potential. The OMNI is, as usual, a factory sealed and maintenance free cooling system. It will first be demonstrated using the latest Evergreen architecture at the AMD TFE event today. Availability or pricing is not yet confirmed, but judging by previous CoolIT products it should be reasonable.
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