Certain Sapphire HD 5770 Models Are "Crippled" Page: 1
Certain Sapphire HD 5770 Models Are "Crippled"
It has become apparent that Add In Board Partner, Sapphire have dropped the ball with select batches of graphics cards. The Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-X is the brand's distinctive mid range Graphics Card, sporting it's own aftermarket cooling solution and a mild factory overclock. By buying one of these graphics cards, you're sure to have an edge over other Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards...erm, well not just yet. Like the outgoing HD 4800 series graphics card, this new midrange wonder is meant to boast an identical stream processor count of 800. It would seem however that there are a number of these cards in circulation with just 720 stream processors. Sadly, they aren't labelled as Radeon HD 5770 Vapor-X "Matt Damon" Editions so cannot be distinguished from a fully functional version, aside the slight performance deficit. If you already own this graphics card, you can find out if it suffers from the glitch by using GPU-Z
Thankfully, the defect is not hardware based but purely down to the graphics card's BIOS. Sapphire have swiftly responded and released a BIOS update on their website.
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