BitFenix Video Challenge Page: 1

BitFenix now presents the community with a challenge to create a video related to gaming, such as a movie of your best frags, your favorite gaming moment on film or even a trailer for BitFenix. More ideas can be found on the BitFenix website.

You can find pictures; logos and other items that you need at the BitFenix website, these can be used to add to your videos, once you have finished it simply upload it to Youtube and get the link to BitFenix by the 1st of June 2010. As easy as that!

The winning videos will be chosen by a vote on the BitFenix website, the videos with the most votes will then be handed to a panel of judges to determine who the winners are!

Now for the bit you all want to know about, the prizes. 1st place will have the chance to win a top notch gaming rid featuring the GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4 Motherboard, 4GB of GeiL DDR3 Gaming EVO ONE 1600MHz c9 Dual Channel memory and BitFenixes first gaming chasis the Colossus.

The above rig is for 1st prize but 2nd and 3rd are not forgotten about with 2nd place receiving a GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4 Motherboard and 3rd place taking home a GeIL DDR3 Gaming EVO ONE 1600MHz C9 4GB Dual Channel Kit.

It could not be easier to enter this competition, all you have to do is make a video related to gaming and send the link to BitFenix.

All information can be found at BitFenix’s website

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