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BIOS Update Gives Wind Turbo
 MSI recently released the 1.09 BIOS update for their Wind notebook.  This update most notably gives the Wind the functionality for MSI's one-touch overclocking Turbo Drive Engine Technology seen in their GX series gaming laptops.  While on AC power, users will now be able to overclock their Atom CPU by 8%, 15%, or 24% simply by pressing the key combination Fn+F10.
MSI's Wind has not been doing as well as it perhaps could be due to the fact that a comparable netbook can generally be found for less from the likes of ASUS and Aspire.  It's likely MSI is hoping that this easy speed boost ability will help make the Wind a more viable choice in this blossoming netbook market.
The new BIOS can be downloaded from here
Would you choose the Wind for its Turbo Drive?
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