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Batman GPUs Unleashed
Zotac GTX 285 Batman EditionAs Nvidia are suggesting "PhysX technology providesan even deeper level of engagement for players of Batman: Arkham Asylum" then it comes as no suprise that no less than 3 of Nvidia's partners have unleashed a Batman themed GPU. All 3 cards ship with a free download coupun for the latest Batman game, and are part of a limited edition collection.
First of all, Zotac have stepped up with their GTX285, or the GTX285: Batman Edition, as they call it. It is one of only 900 available worldwide, and features a Batman shroud, free copy of 3DMark Vantage and an extended warranty of some sort. Apart from that though, there's no change, as the card comes at the stock clocks of 648 / 1476 / 2484 MHz on the core, shader and memory. No word on pricing yet, but it can't be far from the current prices now.
Point Of View GTX 275 Joker Batman EditionNext up is Point Of View with their take on the theme. Their Joker covered card is a GTX 275 this time, also a "rare collectable edition", although they won't say how many will be made. They will bundle in a pair of 3D glasses to sweeten the deal, although, again it ships at the stock frequencies of 633MHz on the core, 1404MHz on shaders and 2268MHz on it's memory.
Finally, MSI have joined in too with a GTX 260, the N260GTX-T2D896 Batman: Arkham Asylum Edition GPU, which ships with a Harley Quinn image on the card. Limited to only 1600 pieces in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and some of the SEA countries. This means that, sadly, no Batman cards for the Americans.
MSI have both a standard and an overclocked card, the Batman and the Batman OC, which is hardly suprising. The former comes in at 576 / 1198 MHz on the core and memory, whilst the OC edition bumps this up to 655 and 2100 MHz respectively. They have also used their military class concept components - solid state chokes and all solid CAPs. This enables the card to reduce buzzing under heavy load and provide more stable current when under extreme overclocking operation. The solid capacitors have a longer lifespan than liquid ones, meaning that under the high frequency and high temperature operating environment, the card is provided with stable power.
MSI GTX 260 Batman Edition
It seems MSI are the only manufacturer to have tried with these cards, whilst the others just used a different sticker. Although the added copy of 3DMark Vantage and the 3D glasses are a nice feature. Currently only prices for the Point of View card are available, £165, which isn't too bad for a nice looking card and a decent bundle.
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