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Auzentech Prelude

More Auzentech Prelude 7.1 Details Revealed

Last month we brought you news of Auzentech' intention to release a Creative Labs X-Fi based sound card – the Prelude 7.1. Well it appears that the card is ready and we should see it start to trickle into retail channels in the next few weeks. For those of you eagerly awaiting its arrival, we have some updated details:

The Prelude 7.1...allows users to enjoy multi-channel EAX 5.0 positional audio without connecting four sets of audio cables. Auzentech licenses Dolby Digital Live multi-channel audio encoding technology to provide users single-cable convenience over S/PDIF.

The new Prelude 7.1 mates features previously found on the Auzentech X-Meridian with the Creative Labs X-Fi sound processor. Auzentech equips the Prelude 7.1 with a removable OPAmp on the front channels output of the sound card, unlike the X-Meridian’s four removable OPAmps. A LM4562NA is the default installed OPAmp on the Prelude 7.1.

Auzentech pairs the Creative Labs X-Fi sound processor with two memory chips for 64MB of memory. AKM digital-to-analog convertors are installed on all eight audio channels, a step up from the Cirrus Logic DACs employed by Creative Labs. Other notable features of the Prelude 7.1 include audio headers, although it is unknown if they meet Creative Labs’ specifications.

Auzentech Prelude

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