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ASUS Strix   

ASUS has a new Strix GPU coming

ASUS already has two Strix GPUs on the market, the R9 280 Strix and the GTX 780 Strix. Now the Maxwell based GTX 750Ti from Nvidia will get the same treatment.

Like all other GPUs in the Strix series the GTX 750Ti Strix will feature the Strix brands innovative 0dB fan technology, allowing the GPU to run passively up to temperatures of up to 65 Degrees. This will make this GPU completely silent under almost every condition except heavy gaming, which makes this GPU ideal for HTPC use or any silence oriented Rigs.

You will find a run down of the Strix series 0dB fan tech in the video below.


GTX 750Ti Strix

This upcoming GPU from ASUS is fairly standard for a GTX 750Ti, it has; 2GB of DDR5 memory with a 128-bit memory bus, 640 CUDA cores and comes with 1 Dual link DVI-I, 1 full sized Display Port, and 1 HDMI port.

Here are a few pictures of the ASUS GTX 750Ti below.

 ASUS Strix   ASUS Strix   ASUS Strix   


The 750Ti Strix will also come factory overclocked to 1124/1202 MHz (base and boost). It has 2GB GDDR5 memory on board clocked at 5.4 GHz, this is over 100MHz boost in the core frequency so don't think this cards silence comes at a performance cost.

One other thing to note is that despite it's overclock this card still does not require 6-pin power, meaning that the Cards TDP remains within the PCI-e 60W limit, very impressive ASUS.

The card uses the quality components we have come to expect from Asus, ranging from; Solid State capacitors, concrete chokes and hardened MOFETs. Asus claim that this card is up to 7.7% faster and 3 times quieter than a reference card, and with the aid of DirectCU II cooler, runs 58% cooler.

We definitely look forward to seeing more of this GPU soon, as we want to be looking at these cards as soon as they become available. I wonder how much they can improve on the already impressive 750Ti Direct CUII we reviewed earlier in the year.

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