Asus ships software cracks on recovery DVD Page: 1

Asus in hot water

Asus BlunderAccording to a report by PC Pro, Asus is accidentally shipping software cracks and confidential documents on some recovery disks that are supplied with their laptops. The unintended content has included activation serial keys for other software, Microsoft manufacturer documents, serial keys and other software. The disks are also reported to contain some Asus internal documents, original source code and a powerpoint demonstration, which highlights major problems such as application compatibility issues. An American Asus user has reported on the Asus' offical forums that he has found a CV on his recovery disk, amongst other files.

Upon being asked to comment on the story, an Asus spokesman said they did not know how the data made it on to the recovery DVD's, but the matter would be investigated 'at quite a high level'.

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