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Asus RoG Goes Mini

Seeming to follow in the footsteps of enthusiast-oriented DFI, Asus is looking to put out a mATX enthusiast boards of their own, adding to their Republic of Gamers (RoG) series.  Dubbed the Gene line, these boards will mirror their named counterparts as best as can be done with the smaller form factor, much how DFI has done with their Jr series boards.

First up to go out the door is the x58-based Rampage II Gene.  It will feature two 16x PCI-E slots with SLI/Crossfire support, one x4 slot, one PCI 2.2 slot, six DIMM slots, software driven X-Fi sound from ADI and also includes current RoG features like TweakIT, which is now configurable by keyboard in addition to directly on the motherboard.  One addition different from the bigger Rampage II that will sure to be welcome to users are the LGA775 cooler mounting holes.

While there is currently no definite word on pricing, it is sure to be well over $200.  All consumers can hope for is that it isn't in the realm of the $400 bigger brother.

Want all of the power and feature set of the RoG series in mini form?

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