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Official Press Release

ASUS has announced the release of the world's most energy-efficient motherboard, the P5E3 Deluxe/[email protected]

The key feature is ASUS's revolutionary Energy Processing Unit, or EPU. The EPU is an onboard, hardware-based power saving IC controller that digitally monitors and fine tunes your CPU's power supply in real-time, providing improved VRM efficiency under light and heavy loads. This allows the EPU to provide up to
58.6% CPU power savings when running low-intensity applications.

P5E3 Deluxe/[email protected] also utilizes ASUS's third generation 8-phase VRM power configuration, providing up to 95% power efficiency. ASUS builds these boards with top-quality components to ensure longer life, such as low RDS (on) MOSFETs for minimum switching loss & lower temperature, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss, and longer life Japanese-made conductive polymer capacitors.

A rather intriguing and nifty feature included with this board is ASUS's Express Gate. Express Gate is an alternate embedded operating system that can boot up within 5 seconds and provide limited Internet functionality. (To learn more about Express Gate, see Phoronix's In-Depth Look)

This board doesn't have the "
[email protected]" in its name for nothing. Another feature of this board is an onboard IEEE 802.11n draft technology wireless adapter, providing transmissions up to six times faster than the older 802.11b/g standards. It comes with two antennas to allow for the widest possible coverage area.

The P5E3 Deluxe/[email protected] is an X38-based board that
supports DDR3 1800MHz dual-channel memory architecture and Dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes.

P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n

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