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ASUS is out to give some exciting gifts just before the holidays – it has sent its pandas Kevin and Sue Lang to London in search of Bamboo and to let users, Discover ASUS. Acting as Santa’s helpers, the two pandas will go around asking people for their opinion of the new ASUS Bamboo laptop, and hand out some of the new laptops as gifts too!

ASUS recently introduced its new Bamboo and SonicMaster series of laptops, each series unique in features. The first of these, the U33 Bamboo series draws inspiration from the unique properties of bamboo – the favored food of pandas in China. The Bamboo series is aimed at inspiring people towards living green and features a stunning bamboo exterior combined with ultra modern interiors.

It boasts of a Super Hybrid Engine with NVIDIA Optimus technology that keeps energy levels and CO2 emissions down to the bare minimum. USB 3.0 ports provide ultra-fast transfer speeds while the Intel Core i5 processor ensures the best possible performance.

The ASUS N Series SonicMaster range has been introduced with two models – the 15.6” N53JN and the 17.3” N73JN. Both models feature Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce graphics with Optimus technology and SonicMaster audio. The models also come with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio system which gives them extraordinary sound capabilities.

The new undertaking from ASUS is its unique way of increasing awareness about its products in the UK. The two pandas – Kevin and Sue will have their own photographer and film crew accompanying them. Kevin is going to have his photo taken as many times and with as many different people, as he can while visiting London. While taking the photos, he is also going to ask people their thoughts on the new Bamboo series laptops.

The photos will then be posted on Kevin’s Facebook page. If you are lucky to have your photo taken with Kevin, you can visit his Facebook page at and tag your photo. If you are the lucky one, you will get an ASUS Bamboo laptop as a special gift from Kevin.

Sue’s inclination is for videos and so she is going to record everything she can about her London visit. In addition to the ASUS Bamboo laptops, Sue will also be showing off the ASUS SonicMaster series… all of this while being filmed live. All those who are captured on film with Sue while she is going around stand a chance to win an N53 laptop.

The winner of course will be decided by the number of views his / her video receives. Sue will be uploading all her videos to So if you want to get your hands on the N53 laptop, head over to the video site and spread word about it to all your friends and family, because visits will only be counted until 14 January 2011.  

So if you are in London this weekend, keep your eyes open for two pandas and you could just win yourself a nice little ASUS laptop.

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