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Is this the ASUS Maximus Extreme?

Well here we are again, eagerly awaiting the release of Intel' next chipset offering the X38, and the proliferation of motherboards to follow. An interesting tidbit has turned up on the net hinting that one of ASUS' X38 based motherboards will be the ROG ASUS Maximus Extreme. The motherboard below features 3 x16 slots and overall connectivity appears to have had quite a shuffle around...namely the power and reset buttons, and the floppy and IDE connectors.

The water-cooled NB has seen a change from the one present on the Blitz Formula and Blitz Extreme motherboards, and the inclusion of 'meatier' looking heatsink solution.

Further; there are rumours suggesting that this may actually be one of Asus’ X48 based boards, but currently that hasn't been confirmed.

ASUS Maximus

ASUS Maximus 2

ASUS Maximus 3

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