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ASUS Announces Axe Square Heatsink
ASUS, producer of top-notch thermal products, has today released the latest flagship model in the ASUS AMAzing series—the Axe Square. Decorated with a dazzling gold-aureate color that complements the uniquely axe-shaped design, this high performance cooler exudes the ultimate in aesthetic appeal; and comes in a limited edition luxury packaging. Furthermore, the Axe Square is also able to deliver enhanced cooling that support exceptional overclocking performances of up to 180W—all the while still retaining extremely low acoustic levels through the automatic PWM function.

Ultimate Cooling with 5500cm2 Heat Dissipation Area
The Axe Square features a 120mm LED fan, five copper C-shaped heatpipes, a mirror-polished base and a large-scale heat dissipation surface area of up to 5500cm2 to facilitate highly efficient heat transfers in order to provide enthusiasts worldwide with the ultimate cooling experience.

Ultra Silent at 16 dBA and Power Savings
Equipped with the PWM function, the Axe Square is able to adjust the fan speed according to the CPU’s temperature—providing users with the optimal operating environment at a mere 16 dBA; as well as helping to conserve energy and delivering CPU stability.

Amazing Gold-Aureate Design with Luxury Packing
The new Axe Square is the latest model in the limited AMAzing series, and takes centerstage with its stunning gold-aureate color; which juxtaposes with the black nickel-plated surfaces of unique axe-shaped design for the ultimate in aesthetic appeal. Moreover, this stunning Axe Square comes in an extremely luxurious packaging with a limited-run identification card that ensures the fine quality of the AMAzing Series.

Model NameAxe Square
CPU supportIntel® Core™2 Extreme (LGA 775)
Intel® Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo (LGA 775)

Intel® Pentium® processor family (LGA 775)

AMD Phenom™ FX/X3/X4 (Socket 1207 / AM2+)

AMD Athlon™ 64 FX/X2 (Socket AM2 / AM2+)

AMD Athlon™ X2 (Socket AM2 / AM2+)
Cooler dimension139 mm(L) x 133 mm(W) x 130 mm(H) / 680 g
Net Weight680 g
Connector4 pin
Heat sink material      Cu. Base + Al. fins + 5 Cu. Heat pipes with black nickel-plated
Acoustic16 dBA during normal operation
Fan dimension120 x 120 x 25 (mm)
Fan speed1,400 rpm ± 10% with PWM Control

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