ASRock Unveils ION 330 with Intel Dual-Core Processor Page: 1
ASRock Unveils ION 330 with Intel Dual-Core Processor
The ION 330 from ASRock features a dual-core Intel processorMotherboard manufacturer ASRock today unveiled its ION 330 system which brings together the dual-core Intel Atom 330 and NVIDIA’s ION platform. The system is expected to provide stiff competition to Acer’s ION based system Revo.
An ION PC is created by pairing an Intel Atom processor with an NVIDIA chipset carrying a GeForce 9400M IGP. The combination results in a system that consumes less power, costs less and is ultra small, yet capable of 1080p playback.
Acer became the first major manufacturer to launch an ION system with its Revo, but the system is based on a single-core Intel Atom N230 processor. ASRock’s ION 330, shown here courtesy of Chinese website, goes to the next level with its dual-core Intel Atom 330. Another additional feature of the system that is missing from the Revo is the inclusion of an optical drive.
For processing power seekers, the ASRock ION 330 offers higher computing power compared to Acer’s Revo. However, they will have to wait for some time before the system becomes available and the manufacturer releases pricing details.
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