ASRock Bundle SATA III Card With Motherboard Page: 1
SATA III card bundled with new motherboard
ASRock SATA III CardFollowing issues with the Marvell 88SE9123 chip on certain motherboards that caused many manufacturers to drop SATA III support, ASRock have decided to upon a solution. With their new high end P55 Deluxe they will bundle in a half height PCI express x1 card which sports two internal SATA III ports, and an eSATA III port. The card is based on the same Marvell 88SE9123 chip, but Marvell say that the problems is only with the PATA support on the chip and not the SATA III support, so this card should work perfectly.
There has been some talk of bandwidth issues with this card being on the PCI express x1 interface, which can supply up to 500Mbps, which some are saying will not be enough for two devices, although from what I can see, there shouldn't be many problems and it will be faster than SATA II. There is now just the simple, or rather difficult, task of finding some devices that support the 6.0 Gbps interface.
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