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Aria Free Shipping Promo

Aria Free Shipping Promo

It seems that being a member of OC3D has more benefits than a lot of people realize, you get to comment on TTL's reviews, and on my exceptionally brilliant news articles, not to mention the great community here, everyone has something to say, usually nice, sometimes constructive, sometimes suggestive, and so on, as well as that, if you need help, and post a thread, the odds are you will have an answer within minutes, unless of course you post it at 4 in the morning, even then i'm sure there's sometimes a member about who cant sleep, or has just finished a late night gaming session, just checking the forum before going to sleep.

But it seems a few of us have forgotten about the other benefits, the tangible benefits, the ones you can actually feel working your pocket is not as light as it should be after buying some high end hardware. may ask?

Its because Aria offer free shipping to ALL OC3D members!

Now, there are a few rules on this generous offer (isn't their always rules on the good things in life?)

 - You must live in the mainland UK as Aria is an English company.

 - Your order must be over the value of £20 (but lets face it, that's not so hard to do now is it)

 - You must have been registered on OC3D for 28 days or longer. (again, for 99% of us, not an issue)

 - You must have 50+ posts*

 - Not available on SuperSpecial Deals, but is available for Deal4Today and all other products.

*Although spamming to increase your post count is not acceptable, and will not be accepted for the offer


More details can be found Here. Discuss in our Forums