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Aqua-PC's are a UK retailer selling a wide selection of water cooling supplies, and they also offer various case modding services, including laser cutting and power coating...including their own brand of water cooling - Flow.

Not only do they sell some luscious gear, but they also have their support forum at OC3D which is definitely reassuring. You can access Aqua-PCs support forum here

Check out their website Here and have a look at all they have to offer.

Introductory Competition: Now Finished

A Full XSPC Watercooling KitA Coolermaster Elite Case
5 X Flow Springs

Congratulations to our winners:

Yeungster - XSPC water cooling kit;

WinMXer - CoolerMaster Elite Case and

Shaolin95 - Flow Springz

Comiserations to those who entered the competition and didn't win...better luck next time. In fact why not try your hand at Aqua-PCs Banner Design mini competition.

You can find out all the information required to enter the competition by heading over to Aqua-PCs support forum here