Aqua-Pcs Feser Bonanza Page: 1
Aqua-Pc's slashes prices of its Feser range
Feser RadiatorIf you're thinking about treating yourself to that high-end water cooling setup, now might be the time. Our friends over at Aqua-Pc's have recently slashed the price of their Feser Coolant and Radiators ranges to insanely low prices.
TFC Xchanger 120 - £46.80 £32.99
TFC Xchanger 240 - £56.16 £41.99
TFC Xchanger 360 - £72.00 £61.99
Feser One coolant £6.80 £4.50
During a chat with Aqua-PC's owner Pascal Bregeon earlier today regarding the price slashes, he speculated that this may well be the last stock of the Feser range taken in by Aqua-PC's. No reasoning was given, but with but with rumours of a new performance coolant hitting the market shortly its anyone's guess!
Grab them while they're hot, and feel free to discuss in our forums.