Apple To Hit Tablet Market With ASUS's Help Page: 1
Apple To Hit Tablet Market With ASUS's Help

Insiders from ASUS have given word that Apple has begun working with them to create a new Tablet PC.  Considering that ASUS is one of Apple's partners involved in the manufacture of the iBooks, PowerBooks and MacBooks, this is a pretty believable statement.

The source confirmed that this Apple Tablet will not be based on current ASUS models such as the R1, but on an entirely new blueprint, possibly the one detailed in a patent Apple filed 2 years ago.  It is speculated that the Tablet PC will be based on Intel's C2D architecture, utilize a tweaked Leopard OS, and feature Apple's multi-touch CoverFlow technology seen in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

No word has been given on possible release dates or final specifications.

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