Apple's App Store Reaches 2 Billion Downloads Page: 1
2 billion apps downloaded

Apple has today announced that it's 50 million iPhone and iPod touch users have downloaded over 2 billion apps from their popular store, since the store launched in July 2008. The store contains over 85,000 applications, ranging from Facebook, games, spirit levels and even finding houses for sale. This means that the 50 million iPhone and iPod touch users have an average of 40 applications each. Apple say they have over 125,000 developers producing new applications every day, proving that the devices are very popular, or "the world's largest applications store" to use Apple's own words.
This popularity will only continue to grow in coming months as the O2's UK exclusivity expires and Orange will begin to carry the handset, meaning a broader range of tarriffs and competitive pricing - which can only be good for the consumer. This move will see two of the UK's larget mobile phone operators sell the handset, meaning previous Orange customers can upgrade their handsets, expanding the userbase further. There are no more official details from Orange yet, although the handset is expected to go on sale around Novembr time.
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