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Apple Bringing GeForce GTX 285 to Mac Pro
The GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition will soon feature in Mac ProsMac Pro enthusiasts might soon have something to cheer about – Apple is bringing NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 285 to its high-end Mac Pro systems. The new graphics card will signal the end of ATI Radeon HD 4870’s rule as the most powerful graphics card for the Mac Pro.
Widely considered to be NVIDIA’s fastest single-GPU, the Mac Edition of the GeForce GTX 285 will be manufactured for Apple by EVGA. The Mac Edition card features 1GB GDDR3 memory and 240 processor cores, and is identical in almost all aspects to the PC version including the dual-link DVI ports.
While clock speeds for the Mac Edition have not been revealed, NVIDIA claims that its performance will be at par with the GeForce GTX 285 PC edition. Apple plans on offering the new GPU to its customers as early as next month.
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