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Antec 1200Antec announce the Twelve Hundred
Antec recently issued a press release detailing the newest case that has been added their line-up, the Antec Twelve Hundred.
This is a bigger, heavier version of the hugely popular Antec Nine Hundred.

Whilst the Twelve Hundred looks, and is, very similar in design to the Nine Hundred, it's had quite a few nice touches added.
It seems like Antec really listened to the feedback given on the Nine Hundred.
The new model is much larger, with an extra 120mm fan on the back for extra cooling power.  It includes removable, washable dust filters for each of the 3 fans behind the front mesh and another on the door where an optional 120mm fan can be mounted.  Another nifty feature is that no longer do you have to open the case to change the speed of any of the fans.  On the back of the case at the top, there are switches that control the speed of the two rear fans and the top 200mm Antec Big Boy.  As for the front three 120mm fans, they are controlled by three little knobs poking through the mesh on the first, forth and seventh (from the bottom) drive bays.
The case comes prepared for watercooling with two rubber gromited holes cut in to the back of the case.  Also supplied with the case is a platform that can be used to position and fix reservoir and a pump to.
One of my favourite updates to the Twelve Hundred over its little brother is that the back panel and the whole interior of the case is finished in black, getting away from the silver aluminium seen inside a lot of cases.  Five holes with rubber edging have also been pre-cut in the backplate around the edge of where a motherboard would be mounted to allow for easier cable management.
The Antec Twelve Hundred is backed with a 3-year warranty and is available now from around £110.
While the Nine Hundred is an extremely popular case, it also has it's fair share of haters, with the general consensus being that you either love it or hate it.  Will the Twelve Hundred prove to be as popular and perhaps turn its little brothers doubters?
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