AMDs Releases Entry-Mid Level HD 6000 GPUs to OEMs Page: 1

AMD has today released the entire lot of its entry to mid level Radeon Series 6000 series GPUs, though only for OEMs. While the cards are not likely to be released for consumers immediately, the release to OEMs has taken the wraps off the specifications.

For starters, AMD has used two different SKUs for the GPUs – Turks and Caicos. While the Turks SKU has been crafted on the 40nm process, the Caicos chip is an improved version of the previous-generation Cedar SKUs. Two out of the three GPUs released today – the HD 6670 and HD 6570 – are based on the Turks SKU and feature 480 VLIW5 stream processors. Both GPUs are DirectX 11 compliant and come with a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory controller that also supports GDDR3.

The main points of difference between the two are in their memory type, memory amount and the clock speeds. While the HD 6670 comes with clock speeds of 800 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory with memory modules of 512MB or 1GB, the HD 6570 is clocked at 650 MHz on the core and two different memory speeds depending on the memory type.

If the memory used is GDDR3 then it gets clocked at 900 MHz, but if the same is GDDR5, the clock speed goes to 1000 MHz. It can support up to 2GB of GDDR3 memory, though only 1GB for GDDR5 ones. There is also a design difference between the two cards, with the HD 6670 reference board using a full-height one with a single-slot fan-heatsink. The HD 6570 on the other hand is a low-profile card that has been designed for HTPCs and SFF PCs.

The third release of the day is the HD 6450, which carries the Caicos chip. As an entry-level graphics card, the HD 6450 is aimed at replacing the IGP for users who want a faster chip to do the same tasks. The Caicos chip comes with 160 VLIW5 stream processors and a leaner, 64-bit memory controller that supports both GDDR5 and GDDR3 memory modules. GPU clock speeds for the HD 6450 have been left to the partners and they are free to set these in the 625 MHz to 750 MHz range.

Clock speeds too can be set between 533 and 800 MHz for GDDR3 memory and between 800 and 900 MHz for GDDR5 memory types. AMD has gone with a low-profile design for the HD 6450 so that it can be used with low-profile systems that are silent and passively cooled.

While there is no official word on retail release or pricing, it should not be too long before these GPUs reach shelves.

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