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AMD’s Six Core Opteron CPUs Hit Retail
AMD today strengthened its hold on the server CPU market with the launch of five new chips, all with six-cores. According to a report by ComputerWorld, the new processors are part of AMD’s Opteron CPUs and are not just faster, but also consume much lesser power than their predecessors.
The five new offerings include the new Opteron 2423 HE, the Opteron 2425 HE, and the Opteron 8425 HE under the HE line; and the Opteron SE 8439 and SE 2439 under AMD’s SE range. Among these, the 2423 HE and 2425 HE have been built on the 45nm process, making them low power consuming chips.
While the 2423 HE runs at 2GHz, the six-core 2425 HE is clocked at 2.1GHz, with both CPUs working at 55 watts of power. The third HE model, the Opteron 8425 also has a core clock speed of 2.1GHz, though it operates at a higher wattage. The 45nm process used in the lower power Opterons make these CPUs ideal for enterprise users; such users can stack several servers into a data center without pushing their power bills through the roof.
The two SE Opterons on the other hand are higher performance processors, both consuming 105 watts of power and running at 2.8GHz speeds. While 1,000 units of the HE processors would cost between $455 and $1,514 each, the SE processors are likely to retail at $2,649 and $1,019 respectively for each 1,000 unit batch.
Commenting on the new processors, AMD's Patrick Patla said, “These new lower-power Six-Core AMD Opteron processors feature the highest performance per watt that we have brought to market, and help drive down power consumption while addressing the shifting cloud and Web landscape of today’s data center. And with six cores of compute power and Direct Connect Architecture, these processors deliver no-compromise performance.”
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