AMD Radeon HD 6900 Delayed to December 13 Page: 1

AMD has officially confirmed reports of delay in the release of its Radeon HD 6900 series GPUs; the new release date is set for December 13 instead of the originally announced November 22. The word has gone out to select partners and press release sites that AMD is not in a position to release the new series - dubbed Cayman in the month of November.

According to information trickling down on the information vine, the reason for the delay, according to AMD is that the Radeon HD 5800 series is still very much in demand while the HD 5970 is leading its segment. So the manufacturer does not wish to over-burden the market with a new release.

As of now, none of the partners have received the final BIOS or the final driver for Cayman and things are not likely to change before the end of the month. While this might mean bad news for enthusiasts, AMD has promised that the HD 6900 series will bring features that are worth the wait... after all it is slated to become the world’s fastest single GPU.

For all purposes the HD 6900 should be out to retailers before Christmas, though it might spoil the Christmas for some enthusiasts who might be planning to gift it to themselves or others for Christmas.

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