AMD "Cypress" Is Radeon 5850 & 5870 Page: 1
Cypress is 5850 and 5870
AMD has informed their partners that their upcoming DirectX 11 Cypress cards will be known as Radeon HD 5800 series. Cypress XT is Radeon HD 5870 while Cypress PRO is Radeon HD 5850. The key features of these DX11 cards are :
• 1GB GDDR5 memory
• ATI Eyefinity technology with support for up to three displays
• ATI Stream technology,
• Designed for DirectCompute 5.0 and OpenCL
• Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT)
• Compliant with DirectX® 11 and earlier revisions
• Supports OpenGL 3.1
• ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance6
• ATI Avivo™ HD video and display technology
• Dynamic power management with ATI PowerPlay™ technology
• DL-DVI, DL-DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI
• PCI Express® 2.0 support
The launch will take place in September and retail availability in October, which is the same time as the launch of Windows 7.
Finally some solid information, although alot remains up in the air. Discuss in our Forums.