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AMD announces small form factor solutions

According to our source, AMD has put the finishing touches on its DTX specifications. DTX, which is an open standard, will allow AMD to enable the development of small form factor (SSF) PCs.

Industry partners including Albatron Technology, Asustek Computer, Cooler Master, Elitegroup Computer System (ECS), Gigabyte Technology, Micro-Star International (MSI), Silverstone Technology, and Thermaltake Technology are demonstrating functional DTX demonstration platforms at AMD's booth at Computex with the intent to deliver systems later in 2007, noted AMD. With the release of these final guidelines, AMD is helping to empower the PC industry to develop open platforms and components with an emphasis on cost efficiency, system options and backward-compatibility, added AMD.

Energy-efficient processors from AMD not only enable differentiated solutions, but are extremely conducive to developing smaller and sleeker form factors that take up less space and are designed to operate quietly. SFF PCs can also help cut down on energy consumed and have less impact on the environment than traditional PC form factors.

Benefiting both consumers and businesses of all sizes, energy-efficient AMD Athlon X2 processors enable system designs that are capable of reduced noise and heat emissions with extended longevity, for a quieter and more pleasant computing experience in offices and homes. AMD's new line of energy-efficient 45-watt processors is particularly well suited for standardized small form factors, including those adhering to the DTX specification, according to AMD.

Further, the new energy efficient processors based upon AMD's 65nm technology - the AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processor BE-2350 and AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processor BE-2300 are reportedly available.

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