AMD 6700 Series Charts Come Out Page: 1

With the release date for AMD's next generation Barts core graphics cards fast approaching, a full spec chart has finally arisen.  Initially leaked by PCinLife forum member gf6600, the chart shows a comparison of clock speeds, stream processor count, output figures, and other usual specifications against the previous 5000 series cards.

Currently expected to be the 6700 series, the Barts core shows an impressive leap over the current 5700 series Juniper cards.  While general clock speeds look to be similar, Barts brings in twice the number of stream processors and ROPs, bringing theoretical performance much closer to that of the HD5850 and even the HD5870.

Since the PCinLife leak, another version of the chart has been released on Chiphell from user nApolean.  What this expanded chart shows is the expected power usage of the new cores.  The HD6750 will run at 20W idle and 114W max while the HD6770 idles at 23W and hits a top power consumption of 146W.  While these numbers are higher than their respective 5700 series counterparts, they are still lower than the HD5850 and HD5870.

Certainly the idea of speculation clouds all possible spec releases.  However, seeing as the Barts release is in only a month and two similar charts have arisen in different places, the credibility of these numbers are increased.  Now we just need have to hope that these performance number leaps don't lead to a similar leap in price point.

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