AMD 6000 Series Gets Delayed? Page: 1

Recently, there's been good news on the AMD GPU front with leaked spec charts showing numbers that put the upcoming Barts core 6700 series at the same level or above the current 5800 series.  Unfortunately, now it's time for the bad news.  Graphics card manufacturer sources now indicate that the 6000 series release date has been pushed back to some time in November.

It seems Nvidia plans to do what they can to take advantage of this development.  In a move to gain additional market share with this chance, Nvidia plans to cut current GPU prices next month, particularly for the GT220 and GTX460 768MB version.  At the same time, a new entry-level GT430 Fermi card is expected to come out as well.

At this point, there's no official indication as to what has caused this decision to delay from the originally expected October 18th date.  However, another leak may shed some light on things.  A moderator for the Czech site PCTuning forum posted a couple, supposedly official 6 series presentation slides, on which one line sticks out in particular.

NDA / Lift Embargo: Please REFER to the AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Launch Guidelines for details

Some have taken this to mean that Barts will in fact be marketed as the HD 6800 series, a sentiment possibly enforced by a recent post out of Chiphell user nApolean and a similar one from Expreview user phk.  Another way to look at things, though, is that perhaps the Barts core will be released at the same time as the Cayman cards.  Only time will tell exactly what is going to happen.  Should Barts indeed turn out to be the 6800 series, we will just have to hope this marketing scheme does not result in foolish pricing.

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