AMD 1GB R680 Custom Cooling Page: 1
AMD are due to launch the R680 on 28th of January, a few weeks before NVIDIA launch the 'D9E' 9800GX2 (approx. 14th of February).

This card is a dual die configuration; two 3870 cores sit on one PCB. This differs from NVIDIA’s approach who opted for a dual PCB. Rumour is the reason behind AMD's decision is cooling as it is easier to effectively cool two cores on one PCB than cool two single cores on two closely spaced PCBs. There appears to be an xfire connector so expect some multi-gpu action.




Neither gpu giant is offering any revolutionary technology to it's customers with both opting to combine two existing graphics cards into one. Currently the NVIDIA 8800GT outperforms the 3870 in both single and muli-gpu configurations yet the community are speculating the R680 will prevail over the D9E.
There are a few things to consider while we speculate about the imminent battle between AMD and NVIDIA:
- Xfire scales better than SLi but NVIDIA’s cards are more powerful so win through brute strength.
- The R680’s design allows superior thermal management allowing for higher clocks…
- Both will rely on drivers for success.
- The true next generation of graphics cards are due Mid-08 giving these cards a relatively short shelf life.
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