AirStash – the Wireless SD Card Reader Page: 1

Innovative gadgets’ manufacturer Wearable Inc. recently launched its latest device – the AirStash, which has the ability to convert any SD card into a portable wireless media server.

The device looks and feels like an oversized USB memory card reader at first glance, but within its bulk is hidden its main capability. Soon as you insert an SD card in the provided slot, the reader immediately converts into a self-contained WiFi-connected media server. Of course you would also need to insert the required number of power-cells to get the device working.

Any PC with Wi-Fi capabilities and within range of the AirStash would then be able to access the content on the card over a unecrypted or WPA2-PSK secured connection. What this means is additional content for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and even the recently released iPad; the AirStash is just as compatible with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The only condition – they should have a web browser.

The battery pack means the AirStash will continue to share media with other devices for as long as five hours on a single charge. With the USB charging feature, this too can be extended as the device will continue to get charged from a host PC or powered USB hub or even the mains. If the AirStash is connected to a PC via USB, it also fulfils the role of a SD card reader.

The AirStash can accommodate SDHC cards of up to 32GB capacity, making it easy for devices with less storage space to share video and audio. The best part is that the AirStash can connect to multiple devices at the same time and stream different content to each device.

Feature-loaded as it is, the AirStash however falls short on the pricing side. With a price tag of $99.99, it calls for serious thought prior to purchase.

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