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AGEIA Announces Enhanced Developer Licensing And Support Model for PhysX SDK

Improved Program Enables Developers To More Effectively Utilize The Industry’s Most Advanced Physics Middleware

Based on growing demand for the PhysX™ architecture, AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced an expanded licensing and support model to better serve the needs of the quickly growing developer base. The new enhanced model is designed to better support the industry’s most advanced and flexible physics platform, the PhysX SDK, in game development and beyond. This expanded new model includes:

1. AGEIA PhysX SDK binaries continued to be offered free of charge

2. AGEIA PhysX SDK source code licensed at US$50,000 per application

3. Comprehensive paid support model encompassing

PhysX software supports all leading PC and console platforms and is poised to become the de-facto standard for physics simulation. Currently there are well over 10,000 registered and active developers using AGEIA PhysX technology. The latest PhysX 2.7 SDK for developers has been downloaded nearly 15,000 times. Over 50 shipping PhysX-enabled games are using PhysX technology across all multiple leading gaming platforms including PC, PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox360™, and Wii™. This number is expected to continue to grow with the incorporation of the PhysX SDK in popular game engines such as Unreal Engine 3 and more.

“We’re proud to see the heightened acceptance and recognition of PhysX in the gaming marketplace,” said Manju Hedge, CEO of AGEIA.”By drawing on the AGEIA support during the game development process, developers will be able to harness the power of physics that will lead to new and innovative physics implementations that many of us haven't even yet thought of.”

AGEIA PhysX puts the power of physics in the hands of developers, dramatically enhancing and accelerating the development of cutting edge games and complex physics-based environments by enabling real-world, real-time dynamic motion and interaction on a massive and persistent scale. The PhysX processor further accelerates high quality and truly representative simulations, and brings new dimensions to the gaming experience, including collisions, explosions, complex jointed geometries, fabrics that drape and tear, dense smoke and liquids, multiple objects and particles, as well as other physical events.

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