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Creative Suite gets updated

Adobe Creative Suite 4Adobe have announced their latest update to the Creative Suite, with thirteen seperate applications under the banner.  Each application can be purchased seperately or there are six different packages available with bundles varying in the amount of applications included.. The full list of applications available are:

Creative Suite 4 offers solutions for the editing and creation of the majority of media formats, from web design through to video editing. Adobe are claiming that interoperability between the different applications has been enhanced, making for a more seamless experience. Adobe are using the following strapline on their website to elaborate on Creative Suite:
Design across media with Adobe Creative Suite 4
Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 delivers tightly integrated software and services that measurably improve productivity and enable you to produce richly expressive work in print, web, interactive, video, audio, and mobile.
As with previous incarnations of the Creative Suite and it's applications, we expect pricing to put the software out of reach with the home/ hobby user. You can visit Adobe's Creative Suite 4 web pages here. You can also discuss in our forums here.